Velawoods English - (2D Artist, Designer, Lead Designer)

Velawoods English (Started out as Learndirect English) was a 2 year project that i worked on at Route 1 Games.

"In partnership with Cambridge and Learndirect, this ambitious groundbreaking application was devised to provide immersive, effective language learning across all platforms. In terms of scope and competition it has no peers and is now recognised as the benchmark for 'addictive learning'.

The game has over 250,000 downloads across IOS, Android and PC versions. It was made in Unity and offered me an opportunity to build and animate UI, understand Animation controllers, characters, Humanoid rig types as well as ways to optimise performance across different platforms. I started out as the main 2D Artist, but as the demands of the project changed i switched roles to design and as the team grew i was promoted to the lead designer position where my main roles were overseeing the implementation of content from cambridge university. I was also responsible for outsource management and scheduling as well as developing a pipeline/designing tools to aid the work of the rest of the team.

Recently the app has been given to 8000 teachers to use in Thailand and was voted the best in class app for teaching english in an immersive way.

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